Welcome to The Knitting Swede

The Knitting Swede

... is a UK based business and the “Swede” in question is me, Tanja.

I’m originally from Stockholm, Sweden and I met my [British] husband in 1995 while he was working there. When he moved back to London in 1996, we decided I should come with him...

Like many, I learnt to knit as a child but soon put the needles away in favour of being outside on my bicycle with my cousin and my friends.

I had a short spell of picking up the needles again in my late teens and on and off since, but it wasn’t until sometime during mid 2000 I came back to the craft with a vengeance.

I have been slightly fiber obsessed ever since...

Although I have recently given up dyeing yarn, I fully intend to continue designing knitting and crochet patterns - one of which you can see here on the right, a unique wrap/stole called  'RIBBONESQUE'.

Currently I sell my patterns through Ravelry, links to Ravelry are provided for each pattern on this website.

Thank you for visiting,