About The Knitting Swede

... is a UK based business focusing on knitting yarns sourced from the British Isles and Ireland (either indigenous breeds or locally grown).

The “Swede” in question is me, Tanja. I’m originally from Stockholm, Sweden, and I met my [British] husband in 1995 while he was working there. When he moved back to London in 1996, we decided I should come with him...

Like many, I learnt to knit as a child but soon put the needles away in favour of being outside on my bicycle with my cousin and my friends.

I had a short spell of picking up the needles again in my late teens and on and off since, but it wasn’t until sometime during mid 2000 I came back to the craft with a vengeance.

I have been slightly fiber obsessed ever since...

When sourcing my yarns I not only look at the quality but I am also careful to choose ethical British suppliers. All my yarns are hand-painted or hand-dyed by myself in my home; I mainly dye semi-solid and gently variegated yarn but I also enjoy dyeing self-striping sock yarn.
During the dyeing process, I try my best to minimize my impact on the environment and make sure as much dye as possible bonds with the fibers (and does not end up down the drain) as well as neutralizing any leftover water.

I also design knitting patterns to compliment my yarns as well as make a Knitters Bracelet; a funky beaded bracelet for knitters [and crocheters], which also functions as a row counter.

I am delighted to be able to offer you my yarns and my bracelets through Etsy, and my patterns through Ravelry.

Thank you for visiting,