27 Oct 2014
Apologies to everyone but please ignore below errata- the original pattern was correct!!
The errata was prompted by a typo in the stitch count on Row 18 in the set up section... which had a domino effect and made me think Row 132 was incorrect. On Row 18 to 131 the stitch count should be 2 sts more than written in the original version, making Row 132 correct (in the original version)... The typo have now been corrected and the PDF updated.

21 Oct 2014
Row 132 should read: k4, m1l, k6, L1L, [k23, L1L] 15 times, k to last 4 sts, m1r, k4 - 382 sts


4 June 2015
Page 3, 9th Teardrop, Row 26 should read: Sl1, p across the 9 teardrop sections...
Page 8, 'Even numbered' short row section: deleted following sentence " - in addition to this you will decrease 1 st before the 1st markers on rows 13 & 14"

15 May 2017 - v2
Removed chart and all references to the chart.
Formatting change: all repeats are now in brackets, ( ) or [ ], rather than highlighted in yellow.


May 2017
Clarification to the phrase 'in pattern'.
Main Body - row 1 of sections 1 & 3, should read: On row 1 only, add 4 markers as follows; k4...

Lace Section - Row 9 should read: K4, m1l, k2, yo, k5, cdd, (k5, yo, k2tog, yo, k, yo, k5, cdd) 26 times, k5, yo, k2, m1r, k4. (443 sts)


27 NOV 2015
Page 1, Notes, C4R should read: right leaning cable / back cross cable - slip next 2 sts to cable ndl and hold to back, work the next 2 sts on the left ndl and then work the 2 sts on your cable ndl.